Philippa is able to hit the ground running, is truly versatile in her approach and is someone any organisation would be incredibly lucky to have representing them. I can’t recommend Philippa highly enough.

How I can help

Chess Game

Supportive Challenge

Being a business owner can be a lonely job.   It can be all too easy to get bogged down in day to day operational issues. 

I help by working with you to create a clear plan, which identifies opportunities for growth and then keeping you accountable to achieve the targets set.

I work as a collaborative listener.  Through regular conversations I create space for your ideas to grow and become a reality.

The Wall of Ideas

Creative Innovation

I help translate your message into stories your customers will love, often by turning things on their head and enabling you see things from your customer's point of view.

I work with my clients giving them a creative foil to sound out their idea as well as the confidence, skills and organisation to carry through and deliver a positive result. 

I offer pragmatic, commercially focused knowledge and support to enable you to grow your business.

Graphic Design Workspace

Project Management

I manage projects from end to end, working with you to scope your requirements through to delivering the end results on time, on budget and according to the plan.

I'm equally happy to work as part of a larger project team to provide specialist services and ensure success.

From inception to launch, I provide pragmatic, commercially focused hands-on support.

Old telephones in a row

Client Surveys

Do you know what your customers really think of your products and services? 

Through detailed Client Surveys, I enable my clients to evaluate the perception of their brand. I enable you to understand the real reasons why your customers use you.

Working as a third party enables me to get to the heart of the issues.  Survey reports are transformational, enabling business owners to understand how they can improve and grow their business.

Notebook and Pen


Do you want to tell your business story, but don’t know how to find your voice?

Are you looking to secure external funding but need help writing the bid?

I help my clients understand the narrative of their business and articulate their unique, compelling story.  I make sure the message is memorable, no matter what the format, be it a policy framework, a tender document or a website post.

I am a professional writer and regular crafty contributor to Grange Now magazine.


Rachel Woodward,

CEO, Rachel Woodward Ltd

Since I started to work with Philippa, my business has nearly doubled in turnover. Not that it is always about the money for me, it’s also about the quality of work that I do, the benefit to my clients and how I feel about it too.  Philippa has helped, not only to grow my business but also to grow myself; even though I have been working in the field of coaching for over 20 years, there have been contracts I may have chosen not to take if I hadn’t had the support, brains, guidance and sometimes firm nudging from Philippa, to do so.

Michelle Partington

Founder, Mentis Training and Consultancy

On first meeting Philippa I was assured she would get me on track. Within an hour or so we had a plan in place, she was very clear and transparent in requirements and cost but also showed compassion towards what I was trying to build. She has completely squared me away with everything I need and went above and beyond in my opinion to ensure I was up and running in a speedy manner. I fully recommend her and I am sure we will be doing more work together.

Oliver Shimell, Assistant Director Development, Eden District Council

Philippa has assisted Eden District Council with a number of corporate, high profile projects and has provided the vital support the Council needed in developing the approach, delivery, communication and payment of millions of pounds of public money to businesses to assist them throughout the pandemic. Philippa is able to hit the ground running, is truly versatile in her approach and is someone any organisation would be incredibly lucky to have representing them. I can’t recommend Philippa highly enough.

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